Updates 21 Oct 08

October 21, 2008

2 years older but possibly not wiser, the dominant theme in my life is that I’d probably screwed up more than the average joe. 

Random snapshots: I’ve taken up flying remote controlled silverlit planes, made of stylofoam and embedded with a tiny motor, an effective range of maybe half a kilometer.  It brings quantum packets of some serene-ly spaced-out bliss.

Plane bliss

Plane bliss

RPK is in jail.  He is not my hero, but one to many who anointed him spokesman for Malaysian democracy & free speech.  He is not particularly eloquent, but he does offers good insight into the heart of politics in Malaysia.  In this climate, this epoch, should the impartial have the strength to be able to weave through some sensationalisations, conjunctures & half-cooked hypotheses, the facts seem strangely credible.  

I am now in charge of the KL HQ for my company, and taken up the east coast business, and fly 6 times a year to Delhi.  Stress has me putting on weight, and ironically I turn to food for solace. In these places, my songlines are treks to food stall and restaurants; the duck rice for lunch & the satay stall for dinner in Kuantan, a rediscovery for bakuteh at the Hokkien association in Klang (sublime), and Sanjeev Kapoor’s Yellow Chilli in Greater Noida. 

My daughter is almost 2, but I hardly see her, only in weekends.  My heart yearns and aches.

Maya with a bottle

Maya with a bottle


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