Playing truant

October 23, 2008

On our way back to KL, and we would have been able to get back to the office by 1630 hours, but we decided to detour to Genting Highlands for coffee (and eventually a side of lamb pie as well).  From the highway it took us 24 mins (15 kms) to reach the summit.

It’s a windy day. And cold.

But we're working!

But we're working!

Went into the casinos.  Each of us shelled out RM 50, and we had a pool of RM 150.  Played 2 turns of baccarat, lost RM 100.  Then played 3 turns of a dice game called “big-small”. You bet on the outcome of 3 die; 4~10 is small, 11~17 is big, and triples don’t count (another payout).  We won RM 150, for a net profit of RM 50, or RM 16.67 each.

Then we stopped playing, and went home. Our total playing time in the casino was 4 minutes.


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