Borderless world

October 29, 2008

I once plagerised Ohmae’s famous dissertation as my own, in that Japan should solve its acute land shortage, labour problems and lack of natural resources by buying up part of Brazil.  This elegant yet outrageous statement instilled in me, amongst many things, the desire to view the world as borderless, that anything is possible. I was probably around 19, in college reading economics, and let off with a warning.

In a borderless world, as conspicuously evidenced by the European Union, good & services would flow through nations & states without barriers to entry and exit.  Instead of drawing lines around traditional borders between countries; the basque economic zone could include parts of France & Spain, Vancouver with Washington & Oregon, Singapore with the Riau Islands & Johor, and so on.  In fact, for the last example, Johor is in the midst of implementing an economic zone that aportions a large part of prime land in the development of such a cause, with the state & federal government investing billions, amongst the proposals a way for residents to travel between the 2 countries without a passport.

The human spirit thrives in a world without borders, unconstrained by the dictates of religion, effects of racism and the elitism of political machinations.  It nurtures creativity, compassion and the motivation to do exactly those. In principle.

Paraphrasing Sagan, how does a civilization attain technological advancements without destroying itself? We are simply running out of space; land, food & water, while the ability to destroy ourselves increases day-by-day with increasing sophistication (nee: nuclear weapons etc).  At this crucial moment in our history, tensions are frayed as nations try to consolidate their identities, religions are posturing and positioning themselves for more influence, attracting the downtrodden & the underpriviledged to jihad, as the powerful & influential promotes their own agendas. The ’08 oil crisis, stock market crashes worldwide, increasing food, transport & home ownership costs are testament to this; the dark side of capitalism, under-regulated to protect smaller investors, sophists exercising political will, un-modernised religions in governments and positions of power etc.

But from this lesson an opportunity.

In this world the key is for the rational and the enlightened to act, for “to know and not act is not yet to know” (Wang Yang Ming).  Secular education must be promoted, teachers should be trained, math & science the basis for knowledge of the world.  Arts & culture emphasizing not only our individuality but also celebrating our differences, encouraging at the same time improvisation and innovation.  Inter-race & faith marriages must continue without fear, and the adoptation of religion (or the discard of one) must be left up to the individual.  Gender or sexual-orientated bias must be abolished, first by the powers-that-be, then by society at large.  Standards of living & the promotion of wealth across all classes must be upheld, and there should be no one left behind.

All of these have to be done on the global scale.

The borderless world concept will be the impetus to generate this global movement, together with improved communications & the shared urgency in depleting sustainability and environmental degredation. To me, this trifeca of events will one day trigger the creation of a system that reflects the people’s will; how to source for the cheapest grain in the world, how to cut the middlemen, to how to know & select the right people representing you in government, the fastest way and cheapest way to a destination, the most efficient way to grow food, the clearest path to the correct information.

Efficiency will weed out the incompetant, the inefficient, the wasteful, the ignorant, the fucking idiots. 

The word: Arbitrage. This will save the world.


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