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October 29, 2008

Very few people know that I have a blog, and they probably never visit, so the “no. of visitors” counter never goes up.  Some guy (Patrick?) asked me what it is about, and I never got around to think about what the theme should be.

To narrow it down would be difficult: I’m schooled as an economist who spent more than ten years in environmental engineering designing waste water treatment plants, where I’m really a phycist at heart, awaiting the appearance of the higg’s boson at the LHC in CERN sometime next year, subscribing to the relevant newsletters and blogs. What I really want to do though is to cook.

In an earlier post I listed down the places I lived in for at least a year, probably 5 countries & 3 continents.  I am of mixed parentage, and I do not share the heritage of most in my own country: Malaysia. I do not even speak the language competantly, which to me is a foreign language, and when the tongue twists, when I do try to speak it, I splurt out portuguese, of which I am fluent.  

I fly model airplanes, go to the performing arts center, live vicariously through some Jazz musician friends of mine in KL.  I have a daughter, I own a Volvo, I smoke a pack a day. I spent obscene amounts in restaurants, yet balk at overpaying for a pen at the stationery shop. I have friends, and yet no friends.  I paint with acrylic on canvas, but I’m no artist. 

I abhor politics but I’m more aware than most. 

What should the theme of my blog be? That’s why most of my posts go to file under “random bits”.

Junji Delfino at the now defunct Top Room in KL

Junji Delfino at the now defunct Top Room in KL


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