Weekend in the armpit of Malaysia

November 11, 2008

After my business meeting in Singapore in latter half of last week, I went for a little R & R in Johor Bahru.  Major roadworks have been completed since the last time I visited, namely the customs & immigrations area & the huge flyover at the Tebrau/Pasir Gudang/Johor Jaya intersections. For all that it is, traffic was smooth and purposeful.

We had dim sum and went shopping for pirated dvds.

Home was cosy with my mother there. Took a nap, had my laundry done (mom).

We played some pool

We played some pool

and sang some hokkien songs

and sang some hokkien songs


2 Responses to “Weekend in the armpit of Malaysia”

  1. Toshi Says:

    Just realised that there seems to be no one leaving comments?? Why is it that all the pictures do not have you inside?

  2. jun368 Says:

    Because nobody knows I have a blog. I was hoping that this blog will only have anonymous visitors, not any of my friends & family!! Dunno if it’s the right strategy..

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