The logic of images

December 4, 2008

This title was pilfered from Wim Wender’s treatise on filmaking, a thin volume expounding on his influences, techniques, aesthetics and philosophy.  I feel a kinship, and greatly admire his works, most of all in his road movies, which is always a humanistic view of (a) man’s wanderlust, but always a mobius path back to himself. I felt that this title best represents this blog, or in its previous incarnation as the title of my book, as my raison d’etre.

The logic in/of images is not a generic or broad as its sounds, as least to me.  Everyday we are assailed with things that happen around us; by the things we see, by the information we receive, the entertainment we choose to indulge in. The desensitization begins when the sensational, exciting, motivating, inspiring, disturbing, profane etc becomes mundane and commonplace, and things are taken for granted. While it is only natural, and in no way a good/bad, or black/white issue, I lament the fact that perspectives and opinions are polarized and distorted, and that it is exponentially more difficult to place and replace the sense of inspiring awe we felt when things were new to us when we were kids, when we saw everything with childish innocence.

As we live our lives, trying to balance what we need to do to live, and the urge to live our dreams, to achieve varying degrees of success are we motivated & conscious? In breaking down the question “who am I” or “why am I here” do we identify the correct/incorrect, truth/lies, push/pull, love/hate? But the real question is, do we have the tools to do so?

Where “images” are fluid, open-ended, un-catergorizable, “logic” is rational, systematic, precise.  A photograph is judged great most times for the story it tells (besides satisfying other technical merits); a work of art invokes different feelings, provokes different reactions; but the key to the images is the framing of the feeling or the reaction, the explanation of the story it tells.  

This blog aims, as I do in life, to tell the story of each encounter with an “image” with a borgesian mathematical precision, to simplify, to weed out the embellishments, leave in the simply beautiful, the essence, to steer the commonplace and seemingly mundane back to inspired awe.


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