Love letter

December 23, 2008

There will be times when you are growing up, and you look around and I’m not there, but you should know that I am thinking of you just now. There will be times when you just want to know I’m in the room, near you.

I am always there.

As you grow older and you start to learn about the difficult things in life I want to be next to you. I will be there when you buy your first goldfish, and comfort you when it dies.  I’ll be there when the training wheels come off your pink bicycle and you ride like the wind, only to fall and scrape your knee.  When you come home with a gold star from your teacher and I will raise you in my arms, and we twirl like figure skaters.  I want to be there when you first fall in love and when your heart first breaks, and I will promise to be quiet and just sit quietly in the corner until you feel better.

As you grow older you will learn that I am not a perfect man, but you will know that I have learnt to love you perfectly.


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