New Year

January 9, 2009

I am refreshed after an ice tea in the veranda. The day is sunny but a distant rumble and a quick look up signals impending rain. The laundry flaps in the wind, not yet completely dry, but asking if someone could come collect them quickly. I put it off, instead stare absently into a football game on the beach. Elsewhere, dogs bark.

I caught 2 rather large trouts earlier this morning, and I entertain visions of perhaps making a quick 2 flavor lunch out of it. The first, lightly salted and grilled, and the other, with a homemade orange-miso sauce and pan fried. I toss a rockette salad.

I go for a short swim. For this one would have to walk through the village, go down the hill path, through the well trodden football field with the rickety goalposts, and into the woods.  At the clearing, I am at the beach, but not the one I want to be in.  I swim across the little river mouth (where the river meets the sea), to get to my favorite spot.

Here, as the first drops of rain falls, and the waves start coming in, I dream of the wild sargasso sea.


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