An opaline moon

February 12, 2009

Moon over mont kiara

Moon over mont kiara

I live in mont kiara, a decidely middle class suburb sandwiched between the twin cities of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. Famously, I made the decision to buy my apartment in 5 minutes (of course the paperwork took months). Between that first day and the day I received my key, I probably only visited the apartment only a few times.

Mont kiara is a neighbourhood favoured by expatriates and upwardly mobile professionals, for its central location, housing 2 large international schools, restaurants, bars, bistros, clothing retail, hair salons etc, and recently 2 mid size shopping centers, Damas and Solaris.

I don’t like mont kiara, for a rather idiotic and elaborate u-turn I have to make when I need to go in the opposite direction just in front of my house, near plaza mont kiara. For its pretensions in passing itself off as a high-end address, but where streets & buildings were not planned systematically but always as add-ons.  For the perpetual construction of condos and road repairs.  For the state in which it is in now, a giant concrete block.


But last night, we had a beautiful, opaline moon.

2 Responses to “An opaline moon”

  1. Toyota Wish Says:

    But last night, we had a beautiful, opaline moon <<< who’s we ar???

  2. jun368 Says:

    Wah. We can be all the residents of mont kiara what. Wah lau eh.

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