E preciso perdoar – You must forgive

February 18, 2009

One of my favourite songs, written by Alcivando Luz & Carlos Coqueijo, I first heard it sung by Arto Lindsay in a haunting and soul stirring rendition. A useless video but sound quality is good — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEjghGMSyEg Apologies to Joao and the other greats but I think Arto’s interpretation is the best. This version is by Nosso Alma Canta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJMCkIZWfyA My translation may be a bit flawed, but I think it suffices. Update: for some strange reason I am no.1 on google search for this post.

A madrugada já rompeu / Dawn has broken

Você vai me abandonar /You will abandon me

Eu sinto que o perdão  Você não mereceu /I feel you do not deserve the forgiveness

Eu quis a ilusão Agora a dor sou eu /I wanted the illusion Now I am the one who hurts

Pobre de quem não entendeu / Poor is the one who does not understand

Que a beleza de amar É se dar / how beautiful it is to love and to give

E só querendo pedir /And only to ask

Nunca soube o que é perder / Never knowing what it is to lose

Para encontrar /(in order to) to find

Eu sei que é preciso perdoar / I know you must forgive

Foi você quem me ensinou / You were the one who taught

Que um homem como eu / That a man like me

Que tem por quem chorar / Who has someone to cry for

Só sabe o que é sofrer / Only knows what it is to suffer

Se o pranto se acabar / (Only) when its over  


6 Responses to “E preciso perdoar – You must forgive”

  1. Toyota Wish Says:

    Omg….song blogging arrrr……

  2. Johnson Says:

    You have helped me tremendously. Wow.

  3. Javier Says:

    Sorry. Like Joao O Mito, nobody else

  4. Henry Belliveau Says:

    awesome 🙂 some little corrections…
    que a beleza de amar e se dar / that the beauty of love is to give
    e so querendo pedir / and only wanting to ask
    nunca soube o que e perder pra encontrar / you never knew what it’s like to lose only to find
    se o pranto se acabar / if the weeping ends
    that’s my two cents. not a native speaker so i cant be sure about a few of em, specifically ‘nunca soube o que e perder pra encontrar’
    also sorry was too lazy to put in accents.
    such a beautiful song 🙂

  5. I was also introduced to this song through the Ambitious Lovers’ version. Thank you so much for the translation, also to Henry.

  6. Mark Prigoff Says:

    Also one of my favorite songs: First heard it on the Getz/Gilberto CD (The Best of Both Worlds). I love Joao Gilberto’s many versions of this song, yet also love some of the newer renditions of it. Here’s a little listing of versions I like on the web (YouTube) and CD:

    É Preciso Perdoar recordings (8/25/17)

    Paula Morelenbaum (CD: A Night In Brazil) [CD+mp3] *
    Isabelle Antena (CD: Carpe Diem) [CD+mp3] *
    Bossa Alma Canta (CD: Roda De Bossa) [Feat. Robertinho De Paula] [CD] *
    Bossa Alma Canta (CD: A Nossa Bola Tém Bossa – Vol. 2) [mp3] *
    Adam Dunning & Cris Delanno “One Must Forgive” (CD: Sunset Monkeys) [CD+mp3] *
    Ronaldo Donati (CD: Casa Brazil) [CD+mp3] *
    Cesária Évora (CD: REDHOT+RIO, Pure Listening Pleasure) Feat. Caetano Veloso & Ryuichi Sakamoto (1996) *
    João Gilberto and Stan Getz (CD: The best Of Two Worlds) [CD] *
    Sasha Masakowski (CD: Musical Playground) (2008) [YouTube] *
    Grover Washington, Jr. (CD: All My Tomorrows) (2000) [mp3] *
    Fareed Haque (CD: Manresa, Track #6) [CD+mp3] *
    João Gilberto (CD: João Gilberto) (1973) [YouTube]
    Caetano Veloso [live YouTube]
    João Leão e Yasmin Mamedio [live YouTube]
    BossaCucaNova & Emílio Santiago [CD+YouTube]

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