Strange layout

March 25, 2009

My layout is gotten strange – it’s the best description I as a non-technical person could come up with. The posts pile up on one another. Feels like a microsoft type programming mess.


Art museum

March 11, 2009

I went to the impressive Islamic arts museum in the leafy Lake gardens in Kl recently. It is impressive in that it is able to house, in a compact collection, the breath of scope and depth of what represents the islamic arts and civilization.  The displays are well arranged in chronological fashion, information on the pieces are clear and concise.

The armoury collection

The armoury collection at the Islamic arts museum

Of the art museums that I’ve been to, my favorites are probably the Dali museum in Figueres, Spain; Ueno in Tokyo, Japan; and the MOMA in NYC. But as I was only a traveller in those cities, I never did built a “relationship”.


I would mostly drive, but on certain weekends when the weather was good I take the train to Luz, and alight right at the Pinacoteca. Saturdays were free entrance.  I’d walk around the familiar exhibits, starting at the top floor before making my way down to the basement where the modern wing is housed, before ending up at the cafe where I’d have a breakfast of salgados and coffee.

I sit outside beneath the trees looking into the parque da Luz, where like-minded paulistanos bask and linger.

Interior of Pinacoteca

Interior of PinacotecaParque da Luz

Audacity of hope

March 10, 2009

Obama represents, though over-exaggerated, the hope and dreams of people around the world.  My contribution is the desemination of this amazing video on my private blog.

Malaysian police are considering a new policy of arresting people who attempt suicide, in an effort to cut the number of people killing themselves.

One of the country’s most senior officers says the move could serve as a deterrent if people were threatened with jail.

From Kuala Lumpur Robin Brant reports.

Drawing with Maya

March 4, 2009

Maya with green eyes and her teddy bear

Maya with green eyes and her teddy bear

Maya flipping pages of soon-to-be mutilated book

Maya flipping pages of soon-to-be mutilated book

We spent the afternoon drawing with crayons.


March 4, 2009

Kafka’s “metamorphosis” was my first encounter with an out-of-the-box way of story-telling, and has in retrospect been responsible for my acquiring a taste for extraordinary and imaginative writing, culminating and settling for garcia marquez’s magic realism as my favourite form of literature.

Magic realism permits me to take flights of fancy while grounded to familiar sights and sounds. Magic realism has been defined as “what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something “too strange to believe. 

The speaker passing resolutions under a raintree

The speaker passing resolutions under a raintree

As it is, yesterday’s Perak government siitting under a tree outside the parliament house has the feel of an unreal storyline unfolding, where a revolution, abeit peaceful, seems to be taking place.  Critics have of course dismissed the legitimacy of this congregation, but we the Malaysian people hold our collective breath.