Art museum

March 11, 2009

I went to the impressive Islamic arts museum in the leafy Lake gardens in Kl recently. It is impressive in that it is able to house, in a compact collection, the breath of scope and depth of what represents the islamic arts and civilization.  The displays are well arranged in chronological fashion, information on the pieces are clear and concise.

The armoury collection

The armoury collection at the Islamic arts museum

Of the art museums that I’ve been to, my favorites are probably the Dali museum in Figueres, Spain; Ueno in Tokyo, Japan; and the MOMA in NYC. But as I was only a traveller in those cities, I never did built a “relationship”.


I would mostly drive, but on certain weekends when the weather was good I take the train to Luz, and alight right at the Pinacoteca. Saturdays were free entrance.  I’d walk around the familiar exhibits, starting at the top floor before making my way down to the basement where the modern wing is housed, before ending up at the cafe where I’d have a breakfast of salgados and coffee.

I sit outside beneath the trees looking into the parque da Luz, where like-minded paulistanos bask and linger.

Interior of Pinacoteca

Interior of PinacotecaParque da Luz


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