Zouk with Joy

April 22, 2009

I had a wide gaping hole in my trousers (where my wallet was) – knew it, still put it on and went to Zouk Malaysia for the first time ever with Joy, a buddy from my college days in the states who was in town visiting.

As we reminised, we were reminded by how fond we were of each other, how we influenced each other, and of how those years influenced the outcome of whom we have become. As we continued hanging out the 4 days he was here, perhaps we would have caught a glimpse of who we will turn out to be as well.

Painfully cool barsonic

Painfully cool barsonic

On Saturday we went to Zouk, and perhaps because we bought a jug of long island ice tea for RM 60, and could not leave without finishing it, spent most of our time in barsonic (one of the 5 dancefloors in Zouk).  Perhaps because it was the most anti-britney room, it also housed the strangest clientele.  I couldn’t stop staring at a group of gay boys dressed up in the most painfully cool attire, and couldn’t decide if the buttoned up plaid shirts, hosed down hair, white rimmed glasses – the whole fresh-off-the-boat look was done on purpose, or a “fun” accident.  

Later in the evening, we went to another room where I met Ivo, a brasilian friend with his brasilian mates, one of whom was the ambassador’s daughter. We partied on until closing at 3 am.

Felt like college all over again.

Postscript: Joy has recently become the managing director of KPMG in NYC. Updated 28 sept ’10.


One Response to “Zouk with Joy”

  1. ecobutterfly2678 Says:

    Paint-splattered holey pants in painfully cool barsonic??
    The hobo look is IN.

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