Martin – Naufragar?

May 25, 2009

Of course I’m jealous.

Martin is 2 years my junior, one of my best friends and maya’s godfather. He holds a PHd in Philosophy, teaches in NYC, flies remote controlled airplanes, windsurfs, collects & plays a gazillion musical instruments, speaks multiple languages, is witty, smart and charming. His very being juxtaposes the core of many things; As a south american intellectual, he is idealistic and ridiculous; as an Argentinian, he is the descendant of borges and gardel; as the scion of an industrial tycoon, he is priviledged and over-educated; yet as a teacher of philosophy, he is perpetually poor; and as jewish, fatalistic and passionate.

He displays fantastic bouts of melodrama in his relationships; never trusting enough, never giving enough, always flawed and always failing to acknowledge his own hand in its doomed certainty. But when he loves he does so with a passion that I could scarcely begin to understand.

His joie de vivre is infectious.

Recently he came up with an album’s worth of music.

Of course I’m jealous.

Jonker street, Melaka. 2008

Jonker street, Melaka. 2008


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