June 26, 2009



Feynman point

June 24, 2009

Pi_digits_distribution_updateThe sequence of six 9s begins at the 762nd decimal place of pi.

Stop motion

June 24, 2009

Beautifully surreal.


Young & old love

June 23, 2009

Love is bakuteh

Love is bakuteh

He is more than twice her age, but love, which works in mysterious ways, blossoms.  I wonder how it first happened, the first spark at the beginning of a series of events culminating in a first kiss or the first embrace in a yet unfinished story.

He is torn from the mistakes that he made in the past, trying hard to salvage what little dignity he has left, exhausted by the demands on his time, and squeezing in whatever little time he has for his children from a previous marriage, now maturing desperately right in front of him (and he feels passing him by). Despite his approachability and his affabilty, he is often alone and often lonely.

She is young & gritty, and looks you in the eye when you talk.  She is fearless, and yet, befitting one so young, you sense a vulnerability for one who has seen less and done less, an uncertainty as she plods along charting her role in society, wondering where she’d be and what she’d do.  Growing up, she feels misunderstood, misaligned and marginalized by those closest to her.  Now I am woman. I want to love fully and be loved back.  I will take it even if it is painful. She looks for warmth and familiarity.  She may be looking for love in the wrong places, but you’d feel that she is now giving it all to see it through. 

What is next? There is all that there is in this, and everything waiting to go wrong – Can he steel himself through the difficult transformations he will surely encounter in this relationship? Can she be unclouded as to see beyond his eyes and words and sense the true essence of his being? Will they truly love one another and base their love on its own merits and not on the wisps of smoke that lonely hearts inevitably make?

Quarterly meeting

June 11, 2009

Jean, with Kato and Roger in the background

Jean, with Kato and Roger in the background

Pretending to work
Pretending to work

Listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges, my parent company’s shareholding profile is now almost 50% foreign (European/US).  As such, our reporting conforms to international accounting standards, audited half-yearly by KPMG. We conduct monthly, quarterly, half yearly meetings on forecasting and planning of our business activities, discuss economic & political situations, strategize and act on the directions we’d take.

I am enriched by these coffee-filled meetings in that I’m surrounded by experienced managers who are incisive and vocal, immersed in the feeling that everyone in the room possesses the drive to move the company forward.
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