Junji Delfino & the David Gomes Trio

May 10, 2010

David is probably one of the 3 best jazz pianists I personally know, the others being Michael Veerapan & Jeremy Monteiro, and amongst the 3, the best vocalist.  With his wife Junji they form probably the best supported jazz act in malaysia, for a time managing Top Room in Jalan Kia Peng, and playing in places like groove junction, alexis, delucca & no black tie, and the occasional stint abroad.

For some reason whenever I go see them play, and during intermission, we talk “business” – the CD he just produced for Junji with session players he flew in from Bangkok, the amp & speaker shop he partners on Tun Razak, the dream of pooling money for a dive joint/concert space(was that Junji’s dream?) – David, genius musician that he is, wants to be shown the money.

I am drawn to artists as friends because they are so unlike me. My circle of friends in my training or vocation as a physicist or economist or engineer are usually stoic and rational, but usually one-dimensional and boring. Perhaps I am like that, or is now conditioned to. Vicariously I live through these people who create and entertain, and its seedy undertones the smokey clubs & moody temperaments an element of danger, painting the dark of the night, but with the instruments they wield, be it a saxophone or a paint brush, there are moments that they are able to stir an emotion so pure that could not be described. Something of what a poet or a singer or a sculptor does that could not be achieved by a lawyer or an accountant or an economist.

And in its purest form is jazz, defined by what it does not – that it is a free-form, an improvisation, that a piece that is written should never be played the same way, whose players are responsible for the essence of, but not restricted to, to understand instinctively the feel of a moment of a note of a tune, of your surrounding musicians and of your audience.

One Response to “Junji Delfino & the David Gomes Trio”

  1. Junji Says:

    nice musings, jun! other than club gigs, now i know where to find you. 😉

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