Dal niente

May 16, 2010

It was one of those days when I decided on a pre-determined state of mind-I was going to be sad. It’s hard to suddenly find yourself alone when after cessless travel and endless meetings that a lull in the schedule throws you off kilter. Maya is only coming sunday; My silverlit was bent out of shape- I have to get a new plane; the next interesting art installation will only be next week (when I won’t be in town); nobody of note is playing this weekend; and I can’t seem to get anybody out.

Called W – Tried to get myself invited to his new house in Bangsar, but he was gallivanting in god-knows-what hick town with his new mistress. Contacted J- but it’s awkward when you don’t treally know her well and she has a family. Thought of calling D – but the thought of picking him up in Cyberjaya put a halt to everything.  

So the plan is good – be sad.

Fumbling for anything because I was driving, I mistakenly insert quite possibly the only music I know from the last 20 years that never failed to stir my soul, strike the core of me. Ginger by Arcane. Running more than 12 minutes, Ginger features Simon Jeffes of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Nigel Kennedy, Andy Sheppard, Alex Grifford & Nana Vasconcelos in a masterclass by world class jazz & classical musicians. Layering aural textures with bass, percussion and twin guitars in the background, Kennedy’s violins & Shepard’s saxophone comes in and goes en dehors, pitch perfect, dueling like swordfighters, building up to heart wrenching sforzandos. As always, I imagined myself playing.

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