Forbidden colors

July 14, 2010

David Sylvian & Sakamoto Ryuichi wrote a song in the 80s for a film (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence) on the premise of a seminal & transcendental book by 3 times Nobel nominee Yukio Mishima, whose theme was homosexual love, and shared its title & a joint interpolation in the endless story of the angst of forbidden love.

When it is a love conflicted, how many are able to ride through it unscathed? Or is it a choice to dive bravely into the maelstrom for the sake of a chance to affect the outcome, whatever it may turn out to be? Are we children in forsaking the things we hold, for only an idea that someone or something else holds the promise of something greater; Or do we also find the maturity to recognize that the pursuit of a true love requires selflessness and the capacity for sacrifice, and with it, patience that the most elusive of loves will find you? 

Or is it simply that you may have found a clarity of vision that cuts into the waves of self-doubt, that you base your love on nerves of steel, on the strength of something that is profoundly true, that you have found the core of a person, and in understanding her, accepts her entirety, and discover yourself all over again.

And when you do, how will you act? For to know and not act is not yet to know?


Travelling half cookie

July 11, 2010