The road

August 5, 2010

The road that we were about to take was precipitous and predictably unpredictable, but we took it because it felt inevitable, that there was no turning back, for what we discovered in ourselves was this irresistible urge to see into our futures, and that maybe, just maybe, we hold in us the will to wrest control of our destinies.

It started to drizzle by the time the man delivered the scooter to us, and I think now that he was renting out his own ride, for the fuel tank was almost empty, and I had to pillion it out to a nearby gas stand to get it filled, and then drop him home.

When I first met her I thought everything she said was what I liked hearing; she was articulate, concise and interesting, and she radiated intelligence. I sensed humility. Since then, and as is now, as she got on the bike behind me, and insisted I wear the raincoat because raindrops would pelt the one in front, I looked at her and thought, ”Wow”. Wow wow wow.

As the rain fell it had become more difficult to see. We passed groceries, small furniture stores, shophouses, gargoyled temples and homes with huge satellite dishes in their lawns, and traversed over potholes and bumps in the road as I struggled to keep balance.  All the time, we talked and joked and laughed as if we were just sitting in a coffee shop, only but shouting a few octaves louder.  As the rain fell harder, obscuring my helmet visor, it seemed that my heart had become ostensibly clearer. 

That in my heart all our gestures of recklessness is a picture in my head that storms will eventually give way to calm seas, that the duel between the rational man and Lord Krishna, the destroyer of worlds, brings about satcitananda, a new conciousness.

And yet it is a generous god who gifts once-in-a-lifetime chances like the ones on that bike, a whole day spent in close proximity, at once conjuring confused emotions and simple bliss, creating situations that test the endurance of our relationship, and in the process, unforgettable memories.

That the trip was probably the start of a journey of a million miles, and that road, which is precipitous and predictably unpredictable, will eventually make sense, and vindicate our actions.

Wow wow wow, says the bike.


One Response to “The road”

  1. Jax Says:

    Sounds kinky…..hmmmmm………..
    No wonder you are NUMBER UMERO…………

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