A draft of a letter saved in my hotmail account circa 2005. Did I write this?

September 22, 2010

To Andy and Lindsay Wood

Sorry my little darlings, my wayward farangs, my comrades in arms,

I have been busy being unproductive in god-knows-what, stressed recently because i am assailed by a windfall of choices in the jobfront, dwindling savings, and my sudden decision to get hooked on nicotine replacement gum.

School should be starting soon for the hairy monster, i am struck just now, at this very moment, by nostalgia.  The heavy, artery clogging chilli omelette at the cafe in boston i use to go, where i’m surrounded by artsy fartsies, pseudo intellectuals, bohemians, chain smokers, fairies.. also drinking endless cups of coffee – that diluted american kind.  I would sit there apprehensive of what the world would be like for me ten years on.

Akward situations I catch myself in? 12 years of unrelenting substance abuse?  ballooning weight, cholesterol problems, ureic acid levels, high free radical count?

What me worry? 


3 Responses to “A draft of a letter saved in my hotmail account circa 2005. Did I write this?”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Indeed, I have that very correspondence saved in my gmail account from July of 2005. Does the mind of 2010 Jun resemble that of 2005 Jun?

  2. jun368 Says:

    Maybe older and stupider. Miss you lindsay. And of course your husband the hairy monster- miss his laughs.

  3. Jax Says:

    Its…”AWKWARD”….U plick….

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