October 9, 2010

After crashing my car late august, I had been getting by with a rented car – a proton persona. Although it is a bit of a tin can, it does its job of getting me from A to B, for which I have no complaints. In fact I had already christened it – on a fire hydrant which was supposed to be on a pavement and NOT in the middle of a road.

That same week I got the proton, because I travel long distances, I went to rock corner in BV for some driving music- got the latest gotan project and massive attack, and a best of mansun.

The stereo system on this car is absolute rubbish.

I probably speak 8 languages and dialects. I am classically trained in music-I know when and how a trumpeter goes out of sync in a jazz sextet. I have a good ear.

And yet, this is what I got out of “Psyche” by Massive Attack.

  • I’m looking’ for you in the words tonight
  • I’m looking’ for you in my flashlight
  • I’m searchin’
  • Vermin the higher damen urchurn
  • And I pace myself in the raysin
  •  Kane the wolf
  • Gain the wolf
  • Conjure me as a child
  • Slipping down a website
  • Stretch out a calorie chain up and up
  • They drag me from the water
  • I watch them marchin’mental life
  • I watch them taken from the bane
  • I watch the sky for your eagle eye
  • The sun seem to sickle and sigh
  • Ridicule they won’t all out
  • Crunch of you send the law flower
  • Rip the cage out of your chest
  • Let the chaos fool the rain
  • Show without showin’
  • Watch and know without knowin’
  • Twist Snap I catch don’t canoe only you and me
  • Alone on the old T.O.C
  • Dissolvin’ who we are
  • Call out for yesterday’s destiny gone
  • We’re on a foreign shore
  • It was a marker fallin’
  • I was a car still runnin’
  • And when you call I’d be a shield for life
  • And if you feelin’ you’d fly
  • And when the sunset a bigamy
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in

I miss the sound system on my S60.


4 Responses to “Sounds”

  1. Jax Says:

    Seems to me like someone is under duress…..U need to go for a Tantra Massage……Relax……play some golf, you know….oops… not everyone play to relax…too bad..

    Practice Meditation…..tame the monkey mind….get rid of those strong vocabs!….write in plain and simple english….geez….seems like I’m stressing reading coz need to switch between the blog and online dictionary to comprehend…..

  2. Jax Says:

    Went wif K2 (Kato & Kaya) to V Golf on Wed nite, we played 18 holes on a golf simulator; some Korean golf course. Kato played well at 81, I did 95 & Kaya 105. Paid $ 210+ for 3 hrs (50/hr) & 2 jugs of beer, 1 coke, 1 cranberry juice, 1 plate chicken nuggets, 1 plate fries n onion rings.

  3. jun368 Says:

    i would have been happy with the onion rings

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