Happy New Year!!

I don’t remember making any new year’s resolutions in the past, and not that I will be making one now, but there still is a few things I want to do this year.

  • Build a raft and set it on a lake (I’ve collected the empty carboys and a couple of wooden pallets in my office)
  • Make a clothes folder out of cardboard, i.e. a contraption to fold my clothes (I got the cardboard)
  • Digitize my music (and buy a mp3 player)
  • Write original musicĀ 
  • Continue painting
  • Compete in a short story contest
  • Contribute to a scientific journal
  • Kick start my wealth creation campaign by buying a new apartment
  • Set up an education fund for Maya
  • Buy new chairs & a dining table
  • Prepare for the 2nd generation at the company
  • Make the India business viable

And YOU: I will be the strength in your life.

And as always at temples, I pray for world peace.

Update (2216 hours): T-shirt folding contraption is done & operational.