Greetings from a oil & gas plant

May 9, 2011

When a multi million dollar petrochemical plant goes online, especially this one, where it’s 20 years old and lifecycles are being refreshed, new equipment going live for the very first time, it is important to do things right, and it is important to show the client that you are committed. 

My job is to look pretty, look involved in the proceedings, and sound smart when asked questions.  Having done that earlier this afternoon, I have to now get involved in the behind the scenes work – putting on fire retardant suits, helmets, safety shoes, ear plugs, and help with the job at hand with my staff.

Right now I’m in one of the water analysis labs.  I smell bad. I have an aching back.  And the most uncomfortable thing is that I have a single wet sock from stepping into a puddle.  And the prospect of sleeping on the cold, hard floor of the lab tonight.


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