Woken by a long distance phone call from Indonesia, I set to work on giving my clients the information they wanted, and finished by lunchtime. Bought papers and went to EAT village and had 2 bowls of kin kin noodles. This time I did not chat with the grouchy fat guy.  I think these noodles are the second best dish in Malaysia*. As always when I was done IBS kicked in and I had to go to the bathroom. Went to MPH to browse tech magazines and at a iriver showroom in a nook in the bookstore I held a kindle-like device in my heads to feel its weight. I think it is called NOOK. Entered Ben’s Independent Grocers and felt alone admist aisles of expensive foodstuff.  Gave up and went to the Bee and ordered a double espresso with a glass of water. Paid for the drinks the moment the waiter brought it over – he said “no, it’s ok sir you can pay later” but I wanted to save him the hassle of going & coming.  I finished all but the last chapter of 1Q84 (wanted to save the last for home). At home I read the last chapter and switched on the tv. I was happy to catch the finale of AFC’s next celebrity chef and was rooting for Diane to win, only because I voted for her on the website a few days ago in order to win an Ipad2. Stanley would have been my unemotional choice. Dino won.  I started on Lee Kuan Yew’s Hard Truths, another behemoth hardcover though only because it’s large print. I don’t usually read large print. At 8 I was still stuffed with lunch and so I went to the gym and did my usual 3+ km jog and weights. I waited an hour at least after my exercise before I lit a cigarette. Sms-ed my pirate friend James to see if he was open for business and he called back “I’ll wait up for you habib. Come now”. Drove to his shop in Damansara Perdana and bought 6 dvds, which included an ice age animation & a barbie christmas edition. Maya’s coming tomorrow. On the way back to mount kiara 11pm? I stopped by at Nasi Kandar Pelita and watched as wait-staff went back and forth and around me but didn’t stop to take my order. But I did not call for attention.  I ate tandoori chicken and naan with my right hand as I flipped hard truths with my left.  At home I watched brad pitt in moneyball. 

It is now 2 am and apparently there’s a storm in Kuching as I write this.

*The best dish to me is fried petai beehoon from a restaurant whose name I don’t know in the town whose name I forget that’s at the foothills of Genting. I would pass by this town and stop at this restaurant almost always I drive to or back from terengganu. I tried to recreate this dish at home once and it was amazing – but still only half as good as I would get at this nondescript restaurant.


Life, Life

December 5, 2011

I don’t believe in omens or fear
Forebodings. I flee from neither slander
Nor from poison. Death does not exist.
Everyone’s immortal. Everything is too.
No point in fearing death at seventeen,
Or seventy. There’s only here and now, and light;
Neither death, nor darkness, exists.
We’re all already on the seashore;
I’m one of those who’ll be hauling in the nets
When a shoal of immortality swims by.

If you live in a house – the house will not fall.
I’ll summon any of the centuries,
Then enter one and build a house in it.
That’s why your children and your wives
Sit with me at one table, –
The same for ancestor and grandson:
The future is being accomplished now,
If I raise my hand a little,
All five beams of light will stay with you.
Each day I used my collar bones
For shoring up the past, as though with timber,
I measured time with geodetic chains
And marched across it, as though it were the Urals.

I tailored the age to fit me.
We walked to the south, raising dust above the steppe;
The tall weeds fumed; the grasshopper danced,
Touching its antenna to the horse-shoes – and it prophesied,
Threatening me with destruction, like a monk.
I strapped my fate to the saddle;
And even now, in these coming times,
I stand up in the stirrups like a child.

I’m satisfied with deathlessness,
For my blood to flow from age to age.
Yet for a corner whose warmth I could rely on
I’d willingly have given all my life,
Whenever her flying needle
Tugged me, like a thread, around the globe

Arseny Tarkovsky.