March 6, 2012

I have always thought that if one wants to be a traveller, he also has to try to become the best person he can be. Not only is he an ambassador for the country or place he is from, he also represents his culture, his race, his religion & traditions. A good traveller is strong & fearless; respectful & accomodating; observant, communicative & erudite.

But it is not enough to just be able to make foreign friends, engage in socially responsible travelling, and believe that you have impacted the lives of the less fortunate by the grace of your visit, the money that you spend.

It is not good enough to be all that in a foreign land.

The journey of a million miles begins at home.

Take action.  Be active in grassroots politics, take part in your community projects, vote for your government, pay your taxes, protest when there’s injustice, influence others wisely, teach your children compassion, respect your elders, and above all, live passionately.

It is only with all that you can begin your first step to travel the world, that you are not just a tourist passing through. In whatever you would choose to be, your identity will be strong and you will retain the core of a person who lives correctly.