August 17, 2013

I am obsessed with the song from my last post. Listening to it over and over does not diminish the sense of beatitude and I am soon engulfed. The difficulty is when leaving the trance you’d wish you could linger just a little bit longer.


The road that lies in your heart
light shines on
the road you take

The scent of the wind
a road butterflies dance on

Light, scattering shadows
the road you walk

Beyond this light scattered road
Dusk, pierces you in the twilight

The scent of the wind
path of a southern dance
Seeing dreams, spreading illusions
on this light scattered road
I realize that translating across languages is not easy. To be mindful of cultures, the context of the essay or in this case a song, there are even arguments to be made of trying getting under the skin of the originator. To what extent could you take artistic liberties, as long as you think you are retaining the essence or intentions of the verses?

The original Japanese above is deceptively simple, but the words for “path”, “road” & “way” are the same, as are all the words to invoke “light”, as it shines, scatters, spreads or pierces.