The mantisization of women

October 17, 2013

I had a thought recently, borne out of relatively recent events like the girl who was raped on a bus in India and left for dead, and the other girl in Pakistan who was shot by the talibhan for her wanting to get an education; despicable acts of men imposing their will on the women. For all the progress the human civilization made, there is always be religious bigots, racists, sophists, cheats, misanthropes, deviants et al in society, but worse are a larger and more general section of the public who will only stand on the side and do nothing, at best lacking courage, at worst apathetic.

It will always be.

So the thought is this – what if we genetically engineer women to be bigger than men. We go through the UN or whatever we need to get through, to make all new born girls larger than boys, and that they’ll grow up to be 7 feet tall, and weigh 250 pounds. In 4 or 5 generations all women on earth would be bigger and stronger, and in a few hundred years it would be business as usual, except men would no longer be able to force women to do anything.