Max Klinger

December 30, 2013


Came across a Max Klinger exhibition when I was still a teenager visiting Tokyo.  His etchings have fascinated me since then, possessing at once an ethereal and surrealistic quality, against the backdrop of everyday life.  The first photo insert is a perfect example: what is a scene at a early century skating rink Klinger frozed a moment where we are temporarily disconcerted by the absurdity of the movements of the people in the picture.  This “perfect imbalance” permeates through most of his other works.
15 years on, with the advent of internet technology, and emergence of sites like google, I tried again to revisit this great artist.  A comtemporary of Klimt, with whom he collaborated on some occasions, he was nonetheless driven back into undeserved obscurity.
Klinger made, at his peak a prolific graphic artist and able sculpter, subtle but provoking art.


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