I am 37, have been for about 2 weeks now.  I would like to say that I have probably already made more mistakes than most people have at the end of their years, but I probably couldn’t.  The chinese idiom “eating more salt than rice” held sway over me, so far as to at sporadic points in my life, when it was convenient or when i remembered, it had been an inspiration to me –  motivating me to see more, do more, risk more. 

But reaching the halfway point I feel as if I have accomplished little, seen little, and risked too much with too little in return.  I am not the world traveller that I thought I would become, set out on the wildly successful career I would be destined to have, nor forged the strength in relationships that guides my path in life.

In recognition of this I must find the way forward.  And in that I must find the things that will eventually bring peace.