October 9, 2010

After crashing my car late august, I had been getting by with a rented car – a proton persona. Although it is a bit of a tin can, it does its job of getting me from A to B, for which I have no complaints. In fact I had already christened it – on a fire hydrant which was supposed to be on a pavement and NOT in the middle of a road.

That same week I got the proton, because I travel long distances, I went to rock corner in BV for some driving music- got the latest gotan project and massive attack, and a best of mansun.

The stereo system on this car is absolute rubbish.

I probably speak 8 languages and dialects. I am classically trained in music-I know when and how a trumpeter goes out of sync in a jazz sextet. I have a good ear.

And yet, this is what I got out of “Psyche” by Massive Attack.

  • I’m looking’ for you in the words tonight
  • I’m looking’ for you in my flashlight
  • I’m searchin’
  • Vermin the higher damen urchurn
  • And I pace myself in the raysin
  •  Kane the wolf
  • Gain the wolf
  • Conjure me as a child
  • Slipping down a website
  • Stretch out a calorie chain up and up
  • They drag me from the water
  • I watch them marchin’mental life
  • I watch them taken from the bane
  • I watch the sky for your eagle eye
  • The sun seem to sickle and sigh
  • Ridicule they won’t all out
  • Crunch of you send the law flower
  • Rip the cage out of your chest
  • Let the chaos fool the rain
  • Show without showin’
  • Watch and know without knowin’
  • Twist Snap I catch don’t canoe only you and me
  • Alone on the old T.O.C
  • Dissolvin’ who we are
  • Call out for yesterday’s destiny gone
  • We’re on a foreign shore
  • It was a marker fallin’
  • I was a car still runnin’
  • And when you call I’d be a shield for life
  • And if you feelin’ you’d fly
  • And when the sunset a bigamy
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in
  • As I was set to fall in

I miss the sound system on my S60.