As I sit here in 2014, I ponder the weight of the world as countdowns begin everywhere. 250,000 of my fellow countrymen have been displaced through the worst floods in years, and the first bodies are being recovered from that fateful airasia flight as I write, and the most poignant image if there will be one, will be that there were 2 found reportedly still holding hands.

Sometime tonight, my relatives in Fukushima will be celebrating their 3rd radioactive new year’s party. As I contemplate going out to mine, my phone has been ringing with congratulatory whatsapp messages from friends around the world.

I know that it is all deeply personal, but my concern has always been one of self-analysis or reflection. What is my reaction to things that matter? How do I reconcile myself with the world? How do I attain peace of mind? A new friend points out I’m particularly purposeful, but can I not be? I know not of any other way to live.